5 Impressive Spy Apps Which Will Make James Bond Want For Your Smartphone

A spy app is something special, you can download and use in order to make your smartphone special as well. There are a few apps we liked and we had to review them. The list is below and each one has something interesting to offer.


  1. Copy9

It will record video or take photos with your camera, without notifying anyone. What’s impressive is the fact this spy app is capable of sending the recordings and photos to your email instantly, without leaving any traces on the phone. So, it is more sophisticated than similar apps.


  • Sending files to email instantly
  • There are no traces of the files
  • Easy to use
  • Records video and take photos


  • Maximum 3 devices
  • Subscription Plans


  1. ReCam – Hidden Spy Cam

The app is desirable due to a simple fact. It can record video and audio or only one of the two. But, we liked the fact it is capable of recording at a pre-set time. You can program it weekly or at any moment you want. The app will automatically start then.


  • Records video and audio
  • Pre-set time for app activation
  • Front and rear camera support
  • Unlimited possibilities


  • Start screen is low-quality
  • Requires a lot of memory


  1. Spy Racer-FPV

Control your drone with the Spy Racer-FPV and use its camera for spying on others. You can take photos, record videos and they will instantly be available on your device. In addition, you can get a real-time preview of the camera.


  • Controlling the drone
  • Powerful spy app
  • Real-time video
  • Practical


  • Isn’t very sophisticated
  • For simpler drones


  1. MxSpy

There are a lot of apps of this kind and developed for the same purpose, but this one is special. It has a built-in amplifier which allows you to hear almost anything. Headphones are needed as well. The mobile spy app will enhance the sound volume and transfer it to your control panel, allowing you to hear secret conversations. In addition, it can run in the background.


  • Stealth app
  • Audio amplifier is superb
  • Fast loading time
  • A spy app and help for people who need hearing aid


  • Requires a high-end phone for better results
  • Maybe confusing


  1. 9SpyApps

9SpyApps is a spy app capable of activating the voice recorder your phone has and recording all the sounds from the surrounding . But, there is encrypt feature as well. Once activated, you will be the only person able to open and control the recordings.


  • Widget operated
  • Encryption
  • Completely stealth
  • Useful


  • Obsolete user interface
  • Lack of more advanced features



The best mobile spy is right here, on our list. It may be any of them or a combination of two or more. What matters is the fact you will be able to explore the secrets of others and to become an actual 007 agent.