How I Found Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Programs to Be Helpful


The Best Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Programs to Be Helpful

If you have a computer, you will sooner or later face the threat of spyware on it. I found that this problem plagued my computer recently and I had to find a way to get rid of the problem. The issue that faced me was that I didn’t have a lot of money to pay for an anti-virus or anti-spyware program for my computer. With that, I found a number of great open source and free programs available that could do the job for me.

One of the best free anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that I found for my computer was AVG. AVG has been around for 10 years and I have used their software on many computers that I have owned in the past. I have even bought the full AVG package in years past, but I simply couldn’t afford it for my current computer due to recently becoming unemployed. That said however, the free AVG program is a solid program that removes just about any spyware threat that you can imagine. Click here: sms spy without target phone free trial

I downloaded the program to my current computer and ran it to solve the problem. It took about 30 minutes to scan the computer and then the problem was cleared. For the price, I thought that AVG was great. As soon as I can afford to, I will be purchasing the full AVG security package for my current computer.

A few days after my initial problem, I discovered that I was still having an issue with my computer hanging up unexpectedly during the use of certain applications like Internet Explorer. I talked to a computer programming friend of mine and asked him what he thought needed to be done. He recommended using AVG again but also recommended Super Anti Spyware.

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I followed his advice and did the AVG scans. AVG unfortunately didn’t find any problems. When this happened, I downloaded the free version of Super Anti Spyware. After scanning my computer for about 15 minutes, this program found that I had a couple of spybots that were causing Internet Explorer to crash. When I discovered this, I directed the program to eliminate the problem. Super Anti Spyware was able to solve the issue and now my computer operates without any trouble.

In all, I would seriously recommend the combination of AVG and Super Anti Spyware to anyone strapped for cash but needing anti-virus or anti-spyware help for their computer. I know that the problems were solved by these programs on my computer. After talking to my computer programming friend, Bill, I learned that many of the free and open source anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are better than the commercial programs because their communities support these programs to stop hackers in their tracks. The commercial programs are limited by their limited number of technicians that can work to solve the problems caused by hackers. They depend on their reputation being good by the good marketing that the commercial companies do for their anti-virus programs. So when you need a good anti-virus or anti-spyware program, consider using one of the open source or free options that are available. You can get sms spy without target phone free trial by mxspy