Sunbelt CounterSpy Review

Spam, viruses, and spyware are but a few of the problems which internet users encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately even the most cautious computer user can fall victim to the seemingly constant and hidden attacks of spyware. Pop-up ads and a change in the look and organization of your operating system are both symptoms of spyware. Sunbelt Counterspy stops spyware and viruses before they get a change to damage your computer system.

Counterspy offers the computer user active protection. Unlike other anti-spyware software which may “clean” the system for viruses a couple of times a day, Sunbelt Counterspy monitors your system in real time. It monitors all attempts at spyware installation and stops the viruses before they start. You need visit this link: hack whatsapp messages

Sunbelt Counterspy Features:

Real-time system monitoring. Web browsing history cleaner deletes cookies and history of all Web pages that have been visited, which allows your online activities to be kept private. PC Explorer helps users do normally difficult tasks like changing the programs which appear in the start menu. Secure file eraser allows for files to be completely deleted from your system. Once deleted there is absolutely no evidence that they were ever on your computer. This is useful for the deletion of private documents, images, music, and movies.

In 2005 it was estimated that almost 300,000 people were the victims of identity theft. With spam, popups, and the constant attacks by hackers on the rise, it is obvious why a program like Counterspy is needed. When just one of your credit card numbers is stolen it may cost you thousands of dollars and dozens of hours of your time to get the situation corrected. Unfortunately, when you become the victim of internet crime you have only yourself to blame. Read the full report: hack whatsapp messages

Viruses can destroy a computer, identity theft can destroy your financial freedom. Do not let this happen to you. Allow Counterspy to act like your personal body guard, keeping safe all your personal information stored on the computer safe and out of the hands of internet thieves.

Sunbelt Counterspy is a great buy and much smaller than traditional anti-spy software. If offers free program upgrades, customer service, and peace of mind that your activities online are your own.