Top 5 Spy Apps Read Someone Text Messages

If you are an employer concerned about the mobile phone activities of your employees at office hours, you can install a spy phone app to read their text messages.

You can read all text messages received and sent through their phones. Not just text messages, you can get to see their Whatsapp chat, Skype chat, and other instant chat message app activities of your employees during office hours.

This will also help you in ensuring that the employees do not share any business-related information with your competitors.

Here, let us review the top 5 applications that will help you to spy on text messages.

1. Spyzie:

Spyzie is the most effective and popular apps under this category. This app comes with an attractive set of features that make this app the most dependable and efficient to spy on text messages. With this app, you will be able to analyze the message history, can view sent and received instant messages, can download media attachment from the SMS and you can view sent and received SMS.

2. Copy9:

This undetectable monitoring and tracking app helps you keep a watch on your employees with ease. With this app, you can spy on IM Chats on applications like iMessage, Tinder, Telegram, KIK, Snapchat, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts, WeChat, Viber, LINE, Skype, PIN, BBM, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Further, this spy app will also help you spy on the incoming and outgoing messages on the mobile phone of your employees. In fact, you can read the messages even if the target phone user has deleted the message from the phone.

3. SurePoint Spy:

This is a trusted mobile monitoring application. This is a perfect application not just for employers, and parents to keep track of social media chats and texts apart from GPS and calls. Along with time and date of messages, you can get to know the name of the sender and receiver of each message as it is stored in the phone. Of course, you can view the content of the message with this useful application. Further, with this app, you can monitor the activities of the employees on popular social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

4. MxSpy:

MxSpy is an application that will help with keeping track of not just the SMS in your employees’ phone, but also the calls made and received. Without any hidden cost or trial period, this free application can be downloaded from . Also, you can spy on text messages sent and received on the target phone along with the date, time, and location details from a remote location using this application. With a simple four-step process, the monitoring can be done with ease with MxSpy application.

5. 9SpyApps:

9SpyApps is yet another spying application that will help you to remotely track what your employees are up to.

You can do this by reading their IM chats, iMessages, and SMS. In addition, you can also view the shared multimedia files from social media applications with the help of 9SpyApps. Even, this application will permit you to make some changes on the settings of the target phone remotely. You can send remote commands to the target phone with this easy-to-use application.


With these applications, spying on text messages without gaining access to the target phone is easier. As you are looking for ways to keep track of your employees, you can just pre-install any of these apps, before handing over the office phone to them. With these applications, you can also stay assured that the employees do not misuse the office phone for personal purposes.