WhatsApp Hack Made Easy in 2017 with These Genuine Paid Apps

Whatsapp is one of the most used chat messengers all over the world with a massive 1.3 billion user count. With almost 1 in 6 people on this messenger, it is also one of the most tempting software to hack.

Now, the app has always tried to keep its data and user info secure over many years. It has introduced latest technologies like an end to end encryption technology to avoid security side-tracking. However, there are still apps and developers working day and night to enhance methods and find loopholes in the app coding to do WhatsApp hack.

The apps fulfill the sole purpose of hacking the online messenger application.

whatsapp hack

Paid Apps:

Since so many companies and developers are looking for ways to make it easy, the market is filled with premium paid apps that offer users reliable services.

  1. For iOS:


Made for iOS users, mSpy works like a dream come true. It keeps track of all contacts and logs of the user you are trying to spy on. Hackers can also see the contact details of people who are chatting with the targeted user.

However, being a paid app often makes it difficult for some people to subscribe to it because of the $70 price.


Another legitimate paid answer to ‘how to hack Whatsapp account?’ is the MxSpy app.. MxSpy allows you to view all the Whatsapp data from messages to the Voice and video calls and recordings with cost USD $30 . This application provides services that are very easy to use and learn.

For Android:


If you use an Android smartphone, you do not need to worry either! 9Spyapps is one of the most used Whatsapp checking apps in the Android market. The paid version comes at a nominal $29.99 and works perfectly fine. The data is secure and keeping an eye on your partner’s or children’s phone has never been easier.


Copy9 tracks users in real time and gives access to all kinds of stuff including video and picture files sent and received through the messenger. Copy9 is easily helps you learn how to hack Whatsapp that to at just a price of USD $25.

Why use paid apps over others?

The real reason why you should use paid apps to keep a close eye on people you care about is because they work. Many non-paid applications on the Android market are nothing but a hoax and serve as advertisement banners only.

Subscribing to them is a waste of time and you might feel like you aren’t getting what you wanted. The reason is pretty simple; they don’t have it. Spying on encrypted instant messaging apps like Whatsapp is not easy and comes with certain requirements. No genuine Android hack app developer is going to allow you to have it for free.

So, if you feel that people using paid apps are not smart enough, think again.               

For a truly easy hack WhatsApp online experience, go for paid ones and protect your loved people from negative influences of the internet.